Why Have Renter’s Insurance: Stuff Your Parents Should Have Told You

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Stuff Your folks Should Have Told You About Renters Insurance Just like homeowners insurance, renters insurance covers your stuff Although unlike homeowners, it won’t replace the place itself But, of course, you don’t own that anyway Most Renters insurance policies are pretty specific about what they cover

If you lose your stuff thanks to the terrible 15, they’ll cover you And here are the terrible 15, the things renter’s insurance normally covers If I could sing, I’d have put them to music 1Smoke 2

Fire or Lightning 3 Theft 4Automobiles (If someone drives into your house or apartment) Um you just drove into my house or apartment 5Aircrafts 6Falling Objects 7

Riots 8Windstorm or Hail 9Volcanic Eruption 10Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet 11Water Related Damage from Utilities 12

Electrical Surge Damage 13Vandalism 14Explosion 15Damage from Glass Of course it depends on a number of super secret algorithms that only some guys in Wisconsin can explain, but most policies cost around $20 a month So is the $20 a month really worth it? The short, smarty pants answer is yes

While it is highly unlikely that an airplane will land in your apartment building during a riot, opening a hole in your roof allowing hail and volcanic dust to clog your DVD player which then causes an electrical surge that blows up your building Then, the fire department puts out the fire and damages your clothes with the water and smoke And when they leave some passerby steals your bike Yeah, not going to happen But if you think any one of these things on the list might happen, well it might be a good $20 a month

The deal with insurance is that if you use it, it is worth it So you have to measure whether the cost of $20 a month is worth the peace of mind that comes knowing your stuff is safe if someone should drive thru your front door Stuff Your folks Should Have Told You About Bellco Credit Union Banking Smarter Bank Smarter

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