If I’ve been in a Motorcycle Accident and I have Insurance do I need an Attorney? -Kelly Law Team

– Hi this is John Kelly with The Kelly Law Team I had a question regarding whether you need an attorney if you have insurance if you've been involved in a motorcycle accident

And the question is a good one but some considerations that need to be taken are the fact that one, if you're in an accident and you have your own insurance, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna be dealing with your own insurance What you're probably going to be dealing with is the adverse party's insurance company And your insurance company is not always going to be ideal to help you present your claim Because the adverse insurance company is going to want to minimize the amount that they pay you They may be making you a settlement offer right off the bat

And you're very likely gonna need to at least consult an attorney as to whether that's a fair offer The other issue is the time that's involved in a case like this And if you don't have the experience with dealing with insurance adjusters and you're trying to get better if you're in the hospital or have serious injuries, you may be leaving money on the table and not getting a fair settlement, not knowing that there's other avenues of cash there for you Or also you don't have the threat of a lawsuit So if you're not actually working with an attorney, sometimes the adjusters can kind of just kind of wait and see what happens with it

And if they're making you an offer that's not good, they know that they can just wait because you don't have the threat of that lawsuit So often times an attorney can come in, pick it up, make sure they know exactly what's on the table, what policies are there Find more opportunity for you in those And get it settled much quicker So you at least want to talk to an attorney and if you'd like, give me a call and I'll be there to at least give you that consultation