Do I need an Attorney to File a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim? -Kelly Law Team

– Hi, this is John Kelly of the Kelly Law Team Wanted to address whether you need an attorney if you want to make a motorcycle accident claim

And you need to kinda sit down and evaluate what kind of case you have If it's, you know, property damage, and then, and you don't have injuries, and you have an agent that you like to work with, you don't need an attorney for that issue unless something comes up But in other cases where you have either major injuries or serious injuries, or you have a lot of property damage, you probably want to at least consult with an attorney because there's a lot of things that you can kinda get yourself in trouble with if you're not careful The insurance companies are gonna wanna make and take statements right away, and especially if you're injured, they're gonna want to try to figure out what your injuries are, evaluate them, and make a settlement offer And try to move your case along fast

You may not know the extent of your injuries, and you may not know that you have other avenues for recovery So you absolutely can make a claim, but you do wanna be careful So at least contact an attorney, and get a free consultation Sit down with them Tell them what your situation is

Let them know what your injuries are, how it all happened, and just get the advice of how they think you should proceed, and then you make the decision from there So that'd be my advice in that kind of situation