Anti-Immigrant Group Dumps Trash at DNC as ‘Donation’ for Asylum Seekers

On Thursday, anti-immigrant group Arizona Patriots snuck into Democratic headquarters in Phoenix by pretending they were dropping off donations for asylum seekers. Instead, they left two bags of garbage apparently picked up along the border.

As per usual, Jennifer Harrison livestreamed their antics on Facebook, though it appears there was an issue uploading the video and it can no longer be watched. But Arizona Mirror reporter Jerod MacDonald-Evoy caught the live broadcast and posted about it on Twitter.

Harrison denied they left trash, but she did not answer a message from Phoenix New Times asking for her to recount what occurred.

The bags dumped at Democratic headquarters, located at 2910 North Central Avenue, contained more than just pants, according to MacDonald-Evoy.

It’s likely the bags contained the trash AZ Patriots had picked up near the border days earlier, as one fan’s comment indicates.

Anti-Immigrant Group Dumps Trash at DNC as 'Donation' for Asylum Seekers

Facebook screenshot

Harrison used to be a part of the AZ Patriot Movement, but earlier this year, the group splintered and she formed the AZ Patriots.

While Harrison and her cohorts claim they are “citizen journalists” who “stand boldly for American values and conservative principals [sic],” their sneering attitude toward immigrants and asylum seekers often undermine their attempts to portray themselves as the morally justified gatekeepers of the country.

Harrison is fond of livestreaming her every waking moment, including hiding in bushes and shouting at migrants to go home. Last year, Harrison and fellow anti-migrant activist Lesa Antone protested outside the State Legislature, where, according to the Arizona Capitol Times, lawmakers and staff members said Patriot Movement affiliates singled out dark-skinned individuals and asked if they were “illegal.”

Harrison denied the allegations in an email sent to the Cap Times. “First, we were a group of several white, black and Latina Americans,” she wrote. “To make assumptions that we were only calling out Hispanic representatives or ‘non-white’ legislatures (sic) is a disgusting, blatant lie.”